Into the Breach

Primordial Ooze

The group awoke slowly, catching up on lost sleep. The Efreet’s were a bizarre race, they required no food and thus kept little around to eat, which was discovered by Shepard when he requested pancakes, but instead received milk, honey, water, and bread. The party quietly downed the food, somewhat dissapointed that their stay in a Sultan’s palace was so far nothing more than offering a good night’s rest. The Lich met the party at the breakfast table with the Sultan, and they began to discuss the possible places they could seek out both allies and perhaps surprise the few remaining Primordials.

The Sultan gave them three possible places of interest: Orcus has aligned himself with the Primrodials and was marching his vast army of demons through a gateway towards The City Of Brass not fifty miles away. The Air Sultan, a powerful Genie and founder of reanimation magic, owned the last known Chaos Ship and resided in his broken palace. And Mul Ordan, a lost dwarven outpost, was surrounded by a sea of demons, being defended by a small group of angels for hundreds of years. The outpost is being used as a makeshift prison for an ancient Primordial known simply as “Colossus”.

The group decided to first visit the Air Sultan, as the prospect of having a very powerful ship was one that enticed the entire group. The Lich warned Shepard that if he attempted to strike the Genie, that it was best he didn’t interfere. Kriv and Herlock boarded their Galleon, with Shepard, Renzler, Cherry, Sebastian, and Elliot in tow in the other. With The Lich guiding the way aboard Kriv’s ship, they passed through the “civilized” areas of the Elemental Chaos and into the place known as The Abyss, famed for its psychological effects on mortals. One of Kriv’s men suddenly became drowned in sorrow and fear, throwing himself to his death off the side of Kriv’s ship. Shepard became convinced that everyone was out to kill him, Kriv became depressed, and Herlock felt that he had suddenly become immortal. Cherry became very, very angry, which scared Shepard even more, which in hindsight ended up being hilarious.

As the mentally shaken group arrived at the torn, dusty remains of a once sprawling courtyard and palace, they were welcomed by a small, white skinned and white haired halfling with dark black eyes. By his side were two whispy images of dogs, smoke trailing from their body. He welcomed the group to his home and invited them inside, where the mental effects of the Abyss would subside. The party, joined by The Lich, met him inside and were shown his impressive Chaos Ship; Marble Black body, dozens of fel cannons peppering the sides, and four giant glowing control orbs to move and steer on the deck. But before the group could begin negotiations, The Lich flew into a rage and pulled one of his three cards from the Deck Of Many Things from its Satchel, yelling that it was this Sultans fault he had become a Lich in the first place. He turned the card, revealing that it would create a Dread Wraith to attack whoever had read it. The Sultan had glanced upon it, and was soon dead on the floor, his face ripped from his body. During the brief struggle dozens of his smoke hounds emerged to attack the party, but were easily defeated. The group quickly seized the Chaos Ship, which was more than large enough to hold both the crew of the Astral Galleons. They departed, with nobody questioning The Lich’s hasty attack against their potential ally.

Their next destination was Mul Ordan, with the group deciding that killing the imprisoned Primordial was a good idea. About five miles away from the place, a red and brown sea of demons came into view, snarling and pacing around the small, dwarven building. However, they made no effort to attack, they appeared to be waiting for something, although nobody was sure what. They landed their ship outside, shooting into the crowd of demons occasionally with their newly acquired Chaos Ship. Sebastian, Elliot, The Lich, and the party all went inside, and were greeted by a dozen angels. However, their hundreds of years spent near demonic taint had curse them, and each bore terrible horns, clawed hands, and red eyes. They drew their recurve bows and aimed at Herlock, accusing the party of attempting to bring a demon into their midst. After Shepard defused the situation, they agreed to let the group release the Primordial. It was encased in stone, a giant beast with a skull head and a humanoid shape, standing a few dozen feet tall. The only way to release it was through a spell which the leader of the nicknamed “Blood Angels” knew. He volunteered to give his life to cast the spell, but Shepard had other plans..

He had his men force Renzler off the ship, pushed to his knees, and executed the once assassin and now bodyguard, claiming it punishment for the dozens of men he foolishly let die and for the alliance he forged with Orcus years prior. The group stood, silent and surprised by Shepard’s brutality, but did nothing..

The spell was cast, and the Primordial shuttered and shook, breaking from his prison, and smashing down half the building, cutting off the party from everyone else – and alone with the Primordial. They quickly melded into their old routine, Cherry took the form of a celestial tiger and climbed on top of the beast while Kriv dodged around it and hacked at it’s ankles from below, being kicked into the ground by its giant feet more than once, but always getting back up. Shepard and Herlock attacked from the sidelines, but were both hit by powerful motes of elemental energy, almost killing Herlock and wounding Shepard. Eventually Kriv destroyed one of it’s legs, and it began to crumble, but kneeled and continued to fight, smashing Shepard into the ground with a powerful punch. But Cherry acted quickly, and with amazing speed and strength, removed the Priomordial’s head from it’s shoulders. It fell apart, dead. The group made their way back to their allies, but had little time to celebrate their victory, as they were being charged by the once stagnant horde of demons. They quickly made their way to the Chaos Ship, bringing the Blood Angels along for the tow. Shepard yelled for his men to keep firing onto the horde, and told the captain to return to The City of Brass. Kriv and a handful of his men, along with Cherry, kept the winged demons from the deck. With the city in sight, an army of Efreets charged from the gates towards the demons, and Elliot leapt from the ship, telling Cherry to stay inside where it was safe. She was followed by Shepard, Kriv, and Sebastian. Herlock took to the air, but was grabbed by a fellow Pit Fiend and a struggle quickly followed.

Kriv plowed his way through a horde of demons, with Shepard watching his back and Elliot gracefully sliding through the mobs of monsters, Halbred in hand and divine spells launching from the other. Eventually, the battle was won, but with a moderate amount of casualties to the Efreets, much to the Sultans dismay.

But still, there was a force five times larger marching towards the city, with Orcus leading them. That was still a problem.



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