Into the Breach

The Fall (Part 1)

The party quickly filtered out into the halls to see Shepard standing over a wounded Cherry and Elliot, which quickly sparked tensions as he tried to explain, Kriv and The Lich ready to attack him. Before much could be said, more efreets poured into the room, attacking the group. They regrouped, grabbing Sebastian from his room and having him carry the wounded Elliot. They fought their way out of the Palace that had been their home, taking down scores of efreet soldiers as they made their way slowly towards the harbor where the Chaos Ship waited for them, Axemen at the ready.

Kriv and Shepard held off the efreets as they made their way down the street into the ship, scores of the well armed, fire controlling humanoids eventually overwhelming the pair and forcing them to retreat onto the ship, where even more began to clamber on board. The Lich began to fuel the powerful ship, but without another arcane source it took much longer than usual. However, the group easily bested the efreets and were soon in the sky, taking a cannon shot or two into the hull but the damage was relatively low, considering they had just escaped a hostile city. The ship was floating in the Astral Sea, and the group contemplated what to do next.

Shepard begged his friends and allies to return with him to the Underdark, so that he could protect his people if it was not already to late. They agreed after a bit of deliberation, and The Lich set course for the Underdark.

His kingdom burned. Civilians were being slain in the street, and the “Axecutioner” laid dead, which enraged Kriv, as he charged into a group of Efreets and brutally slayed them all, trying to save his already dead friend. Shepard charged into his throne room, and was met with the imposing glare of a possessed Sultan. With a wicked grin and no words, he held up the decapitated head of his wife. Shepard snapped, going into a frenzy and drawing his two swords, charging the Sultan. He landed several blows, but the possessed body would not go down easily. A fireball struck his chest, sending him sprawling across the ground. Kriv ran into the room, ready to help his friend, but Shepard begged him to instead find his daughter, Alma, and get her to safety. He stumbled to his feet, and charged again. The sultans sword slid across his cheek and side, wounding him, but not killing him. He dropped his short sword, holding only Bloodwraith. He gripped at the Sultan’s arm, breaking it and disarming him. A single, fluid half-spin and a thrust of his sword later, the Sultan’s body died, falling with a heavy thud to the floor. Shepard grabbed a nearby dagger and began to stab into his body, his screams of anger eventually turning to a sob as the King’s city burned around him.

Kriv had rescued Alma, who had been protected by her Bard trainer, “Val Hallen”, who did not make it. Visibly shaken, and afraid of her father after witnessing his rage, she hid behind Kriv who had to quickly escort her to the ship. Shepard walked from the burning remains of his home, no longer a king, no longer a hero.

He was a ranger.



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