Into the Breach

The Fall (Part 2)

Sebastian, The Lich, and Cherry had managed to gather a small group of civilians, less than a thousand in number, onto the towering Chaos Ship before they quickly departed. Every death in the city had fueled Bhaal’s power, and there was but one city left that could oppose him.

Sharn, Kriv’s home.

Kriv demanded the group help him defend the city, as it was the only place they would stand a chance of stopping Bhaal and his army of efreets and ghouls, which were created from the dead bodies of those from the attack on the drow. The Chaos Ship landed in Sharn, the bustling city of towers. Kriv demanded a landsmeet from all the noble houses and the captain of the city guard, with Herlock as his bodyguard during the proceedings. The Lich and Shepard would attend later, when their forces had been finalized. Through surprisingly good diplomacy (and some intimidation, of course) Kriv gathered forces from each of the houses, and from the city guard. He, each house leader, Shepard, and The Lich met to discuss what their course of action would be (After Kriv convinced everyone that the threat was real, after a recounting from Shepard and how his city was razed). Shepard had met with S.P.I.R.E, which was now run by T-twon, who agreed to offer them aid by controlling the city structures from “The Cogs”.

The plan, the last plan, was not a pleasant one, or one that any felt comfortable with doing. The Warforged they could build in just two days would defend the middle city, while the City guard and the powerful warriors from the noble houses would stay in the upper city, which is where they would evacuate to if the battle in the middle city was lost. Shepard, Elliot, and The Lich would use House Cannith’s mage tower to fuel a powerful spell that would rip the souls of all Bhaalspawn in the Forgotten Realm from their bodies, severing Bhaal’s ties and effectively “re-killing” him. Kriv would defend his mansion in the middle city with his Axemen, and Sebastian would use hit and run tactics on Efreet leaders.

Cherry, Herlock, and Rex would hold out for as long as they could against swarms of Ghouls at the front gate, then retreat when they would be near overwhelmed, which would signal the need to fall back to the upper city. House Darnan would provide the use of their transportation runes, which they would use to evacuate the lower city, bringing the middle city’s population to the upper city. This plan, obviously, spelled death for both Shepard and Elliot. Shepard met with his daughter after the plan was agreed upon, pulling her aside and giving goodbyes.

“Alma, my daughter.. I have watched you grow to adulthood by my side. But now, well.. I’ll be gone. And it’ll be up to you to lead our people. Know that I love you very much, and that you mean more to me than anyone ever has. I love you, Alma. And I will always be proud to be your father. I will always watch over and protect you, no matter what happens. Be good for Sebastian when I’m gone. Goodbye, my only child.” He took her into his arms, gripping tightly at her one last time in his large, robotic embrace. As tears fell from both their eyes and she choked out a simple “I love you too, daddy.”, the rest of the group prepared themselves for what would be their last battle. A suicide mission. But I mean, that is pretty much what they’ve become known for, right?

Defenses were prepared in the coming days, but they fell. Shepard and Elliot battled Bhaal alone, being struck down over and over but refusing to give up, his Shadowy, tendril’d body smashing into them over and over as it hovered over the tower. The Lich kept away from the fight, trying to charge his spell. Kriv’s brother, Vrick, has returned to slay him, allying himself with Bhaal in a hope to kill his younger brother. The two dueled as a battle between Axemen and Efreets broke out inside and outside the Mansion.

Cherry, Rex, and Herlock fought against wave after wave of Ghouls, avoiding gnashing teeth and powerful claws. They fought heroically, but were slowly being pushed back by the unrelenting tide of monsters. However, they did not retreat, and the battle between warforged and Efreet still echoed throughout Sharn.

Maybe things were going to go as planned.



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