Into the Breach


Shepard wandered aimlessly away from the group as they pulled dead and wounded out of the rubble, a deep voice filling his head.

“Shepard, Son, I have returned.”

Bhaal gave Shepard an offer he could hardly refuse: Help him, or he would raze his entire civilization to the ground. Bhaal planned to have Elliot killed, as her powers were drawn from his energy, which, while he was still recuperating from death, was a fairly serious issue for him.

Shepard refused to help kill her, but agreed to not become involved in exchange for the safety of his family. It was also implied that in time he would be forced to kill Kriv, Cherry, Herlock, and Rex.. but he agreed, disgusted with himself, but feeling he had no choice but to protect his young family. He had become a servant, a Thrall, to the God Of Murder.

That night, back in the palace, Shepard and Cherry were each awakened by the sound of battle. In their hallway was a dozen Elite Guards, attacking Elliot. It seemed that Bhaal had taken control of the Sultan, and was planning on using the powerful elemental humanoids as part of a group of worshipers he would build. Elliot had already slain three, but was beginning to be overwhelmed. A terrified Shepard begged Elliot to help, but the iridescent whispers in his head warned him of the consequences of his involvement, and quietly told Cherry he could be of no use. Cherry ran screaming and crying into the crowd, using a rarely seen lethal force as she took quickly took down guard after guard with snapped necks and caved in chests. She eventually had killed all but the last couple of guards, but Elliot was deeply wounded, and Cherry’s distress had lowered her defenses, and she did not notice the Efreet ready to impale her with a spear.

Shepard quickly argued with Bhaal in his head, stating that allowing Cherry to die was not a part of the deal they had made, although Bhaal insisted that he would cancel their deal if he interfered and saved the girl, as the guard would easily be able to finish off Elliot after he had killed the girl.

Shepard gritted his teeth and took a deep breath, and let a powerful lance of magic from his gauntlet smash into the guard, killing him.

An enraged Bhaal roared within his mind, cursing Shepard and telling his that he had sealed the fate of himself, his, people, and his family. He ignored him, trying to bring Elliot to her feet. The rest of the party was awaken by the sound of battle, and was beginning to empty out into the halls…



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