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Q:What the hell? D&D? More like Dungeons and Faggons.. amirite?
A: Nope, not really. Our group is a pretty diverse group of guys and gals. We have an athlete, a hipster, a batman, a teacher to be, and an artsy girl. We also have a rich kid who we steal food from who is joining the Air Force.

Q: Where are you guys playing this thing? North Dakota? I kinda want in, maybe.
A: East Tennessee, tri-cities area. Are group is pretty fulled up, but if you aren’t a creeper your welcome to join in on an offshoot or something.

Q: So who is Orcus? And Saverok? And Bhaal? I’m confused, this is confusing, where’s Master Chief?
A: Alright so, the main villains in this game so far have been the sons of Bhaal, the dead god or murder. (yeah I know). One of them went on to be a powerful demi-god of the Undead, Orcus. He is huge and has the ability to one hit KO someone in a fight. The other was Saverok, a pretty tough mage guy that was a jerk to the party the entire first ten levels of the game until they stabbed him through a wall. He died. He also had an army of Hobgoblins and trolls, but they got stopped.

Q: So, what does everyone do now? Be cool?
A: Yes, yes indeed. The group fights a Lich now, pretty dicky guy. They can handle it though, they are used to getting their asses kicked and barely winning.

Main Page

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