Into the Breach

Keep of the Shadowfell (Part 4)

The party left from their extended rest in the dungeon to head deeper into the keep. Down the stairs they were met with a challenge phrase, which they replied to with a “Screw you!”, and were attacked by a group of Hobgoblins. They broke out into battle, and two hobgoblins ran off and released a large, killer spider during the encounter. Shepard tried to keep this from happening but failed, and Kirv charged into the room where it was held, telling the party he will fight it himself. After two or three hobgoblins were slain, the spider impaled Kirv and threw him several feet, and Herlock Sholmes decided he should help him out and began to use his infernal powers on the beast. Eventually, they slayed everything, and continued onward.

Lead by Wandon, the party snuck past Hobgoblin patrols and found themselves in a room full of statues. Shepard could see slight disturbances around the statues,and warned the party that they had been tampered with. Kirv charged ahead and activated almost every trap in the room, causing the second level of the keep to slowly flood. They pushed forward, with Misc lagging behind. He was eventually left behind, almost drowning, but was saved by Wandon. Attached to Misc’s arm when he was pulled out was Morte, a floating wisecracking demonic skull. In the room ahead, still being flooded, was zombies. They fought through the swarm of zombies towards a large mechanical gate, and shut it once all the party was through, sealing the water back.

In the next room was a large fountain of blood, and a priest of Orcus. He had surrounded himself with minions, vampire spawn. He had also summoned some sort of lesser infernal to aid him, and had hired a human beserker. They attacked the party, and the priest was slammed into a large pool of blood by Kirv and drowned. Wandon and Herlock delt with the Vampire spawn from far away in the room, while Shepard fought both the Dark Creeper and the Beserker. Eventually Kirv joined in on the fight, and they finished off the monsters in the blood infested room, leaving a single foe left to face: Kaerel, High Priest of Bhaal.

They descended the final staircase of the keep and saw Kareal from across the large room. He shouted at them that with the death of only a single more inside the keep, Saverok would return. The party charged him, and he ran to a magical rune near a portal, where tentacles resided. He managed to inflict deep wounds on the party, but was bloodied as well. The tentacles lashed out at Kirv, while Shepard fought with Kaerel and the rest of the party stood from afar, attacking with magics. Eventually, the writhing tentacles in the portal impaled Kaerel, much to his surprise, and killed him. He was the final death needed to summon Saverok. The portal began to grow clear, in the image of the Astral Sea. It became a vacuum, sucking up the entire party inside as Saverok strolled out, his body tattered.

Saverok was born. (And thus ends Shadowfell Keep!)



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