Into the Breach

Neverwinter Nine (Prologue)

The party stood in a large Zeppelin, explosions echoing around them. Beside them was the small gnome Artifcer, Oswald Fiddlebender. He casted a group fly spell on them, and told them to put on a show. Grinning, they each jumped, plummeting towards the ground. Kriv threw his large greataxe towards the ground, landing and raising his hands in triumph in front of the large crowd, which was there to honor the heroes of Neverwinter, slayers of Saverok. Shepard did something involving his newly acquired robotic arm, Elliot landed in Kriv’s arms, and Herlock used his scythe as a magic helicopter to land in the center stage. Wandon was unable to attend due to mage matters, but was still honored.

After a short speech by King Nasher’s new advisor, the party, along with the remains of the Neverwinter Nine, retire to a large feast held in their honor. Once there, they are asked by the Advisor if they would like to join the Neverwinter Nine, to which they all accept. They are introduced to the remains of the Nine, “Mask”, an mysterious Knight with a hidden face. Jennifer, a powerful Warlord, Oswald, the group Artificer, and Aiden Baail, the “Rookie”. They were told that to join the Nine, they had to complete an “Initiation Mission”, and accepted.

The mission was to infiltrate a ball held by the two remaining King Thieves, rulers of Luskan. There had previously been a third, but after a short siege by Saverok’s army and a surrender, he dissapeared, and the army left Luskan. This being rather unusual, they were sent in to kidnap the two thieves, and bring them to a meeting place for interrogation. They were each given a tailor-made formal outfit, and were teleported into the ball by Oswald. Kriv, Elliot, and Shepard moved inside, while Herlock scaled the wall of the large estate and climbed to the glass roof. They had hired a Drow mercenary group to defend them, and they were highly trained.

The three slowly made their way through the crowd while the thieves gave a rather long toast. Shepard waited anxiously on the wall, unsure of what to do from there. Eventually, Elliot and Shepard made their way to one side of the stairs leading to the thieves, and Kriv the other. Elliot seduced her way past the two Drow guards, and convinced them to let Kriv and Shepard join her up top in the “VIP” section. Once there, Shepard managed to convince the two that he could work out a deal to equip all of Luskan’s soldiers with his “Self-Forged” arm. Excited, the two accepted and were escorted out of the ball by the Drow Guards. The party, minus Herlock, got inside a carriage with the two Thieves. On top of the carriage were two Drow who were at the reigns of the horses. Shepard leaped from the roof onto the Carriage and, after a short duel, managed to take down both Drow from the carriage and turn it towards the mining tunnel they were heading through. Shepard and Kriv knocked the thieves unconscious, and loaded them into a mine cart. Once the entire party was inside the cart, and they had traveled a short ways, a large “Bullete” appeared. A heavily scaled burrowing dragon, often called a “Landshark”. Kriv made several attacks towards it but missed, and Herlock managed to teleport it around the tiny cave. Elliot blinded it, and Shepard beat it heavily with his new arm. Kriv, however, made the final blow, but caused the corpse to slide into the cart just as they neared the exit, which sent them all flying out into an open field.

In the open field, they were confronted by four Drow Mercenaries. They fought, Shepard and Kriv being hit by a poison crossbow bolt, but managing to stay conscious. They made fairly short work of the Drow, and soon the rest of the Nine joined them, congratulating them on a job well done and taking the two thieves for interrogation. They had completed their mission, and were now a part of the Neverwinter Nine.



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