Into the Breach

Pyramid Of Shadows (Part 1)

The party arrived near the dock district of Neverwinter, the largest city still standing in the Forgotten Realm. They docked, dozens of archers training their bows on the battered party and questioning them of their motives. Kriv, not wanting to be shot for claiming to be from the Underdark, told the Neverwinter archers that they were Merchants who were on their way back from dropping off a shipment at Luskan.

The archers informed him that Luskan had been destroyed shortly after they left. They were taken from their ship and lead down the busy streets, while being informed of what had happened recently while they had “been at sea”. Saverok had been released on the Forgotten Realm. During his exile, he had built up a sizable army of goblinoids, and marched them through the Korhhal mountains, home of the Dragonborn. The Dragonborn fought valiantly, but were overrun and killed by Saverok and his men, making Kriv quite possible the last Dragonborn left alive. Saverok’s army then marched through the Dwarven tunnels, wiping out all of their major cities in a matter of months. From there, they were near Luskan, and attacked the famous “City Of Thieves”, causing the first blow to Humans and Elves. They now were marching towards Neverwinter, the city under a siege for the past two days.

The party was brought before Nasher, a dying human man. He was king of Neverwinter, and requested that the party, obviously being experienced adventurers, to break into Saverok’s “Pyramid of Shadows”, from which he commands his armies, and kill him. He offered them each a magical weapon inreturn for doing this, and after a bit of back and forth between him and Kriv and Elliot, was convinced to include a magical suit of armor as well. Now being very well equipped, the party was told to head out into the woods bordering the east of Neverwinter, as the giant pyramid had last been seen floating over that area. Minsc was brought along as well, despite several wanting to study him, being the first working non-hostile Warforged they had encountered.

They had searched the outer border of the Brethan Woods for about an hour when a small group of Dwarves and Humans ambushed them. They were quickly dispatched, and the final one was killed by a Half-elf with a strange, murky left eye. He claimed to be a protector of the woods and it ruins, and asked what they party was doing. They informed him that they were searching for a so called “Pyramid of Shadows”, and he revealed in his hand to be a small pyramid, obsidian black. He dropped it, and began cackling maniacally. The pyramid sucked the party inside, and they heard the voice of the half-elf say “To escape, you must kill me.. three times.” They materialized again inside the temple, standing atop a pile of dead bodies. They were soon attacked by a large Ogre, who managed to deal quite a bit of damage to the party. Kriv opened a large wound on his stomach, and Elliot threw her longsword, which now caused rapid flesh decay, into his chest. After beating down Elliot, he eventually succumbed to his wounds. They discovered a floating, disembodied head of an Eldarin, who refused to speak to anyone but Elliot.

She told her that Saverok had decapitated her, and hid her body inside the temple. However, she was confident she could restore life to it if she could find it. They brought the head along, much to the delight of Morte, who was now no longer the only floating head in the party. They found themselves in a large maze like room, and spoke to an ancient slave race of tree people known as Aborren. They claimed they would help the party if they would swear loyalty to their god, which the party refused. They then attacked the party and were easily dispatched.

The group decided to sleep in the Maze and tend to their wounds from the Ogre, and also to catch their barrings in this strange, twisted pyramid.



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